Design Philosophy


  • Architecture is tied to use, place, aspirations and cultural traditions.
  • Our mission is to provide highly functional, intuitive design solutions that are sensitive to our ever changing built environment.
  • Our aim is to create architecture that fulfills its purpose, and stirs the imagination and inspires its users.
  • No matter how basic the project, we consider elements such as color, light, texture and surprise to be the cornerstone of good design.




Design Statement

Mike Martin AIA owned and led Spaces, Design & Architecture Inc. for 19 years. It was purchased by Renaissance Architects in 2011 and Mike continued to manage its projects until 2014. All projects shown are projects of Mike Martin and the rights are owned by Renaissance Architects for projects before 2014. Please note that NO projects were experiences of Renaissance Personnel. As the story goes: An artist may sell a painting, but he still was the painter! You may want to visit with any organization whose buildings are displayed for correct reference. After all they truly possess the project.

“All architecture is shelter, all great Architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts or stimulates the persons in that space.”

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